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Movers Choice Van Lines If you’re looking for a long distance moving company. From full-service to auto transport moving, our movers offer a variety of services to help you reach your new destination or store your belongings. Need an experienced business-to-business moving company? Trust Movers Choice Van Lines representatives to help facilitate a corporate relocation, coordinate moving trade show exhibits, and store items in a warehouse. With more than 210 agents in the country, we serve nearly every city and small town across America with the best moving and storage services available, from packing the truck to unloading at your new destination.

Movers Choice Van Lines is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) member. We also assist military members with relocating, and provide great Military Service Discounts. As one of the leaders among house hold goods movers and storage companies, we have the experts and options to ensure your employees’ or families’ possessions are moved professionally and on-time.

A properly licensed and bonded interstate broker, such as Movers Choice Van Lines. is not a motor carrier and will not transport an individual shipper’s household goods, but will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of household goods by an FMCSA authorized motor carrier, whose charges will be determined by its published tariff. All estimated charges and final actual charges will be based upon the carrier’s tariff which is available for inspection from the carrier upon reasonable request.

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, we’ll prioritize your move and accomplish it as quickly as possible. We know your time is valuable and we don’t think it’s fair to keep you waiting and. Don’t let a no-show moving company ruin your day – contact us now to see how quickly we reply. Our customer service department is well versed in the moving process, and above all, is dedicated to satisfying our customers questions and concerns. Choose us to insure that an experienced company is handling your move, and any issues that may arise, properly.

Request an estimate or call an Movers Choice Van Lines representative today and see what makes Movers Choice Van Lines one of the leaders in the industry.


Services: We Provide

Thank you for considering Movers Choice Van Lines for a moving quote. We wanted to give you the reasons you should consider utilizing our company for your upcoming move. Not only will you get an attractive price, but I’ll also provide clarity in terms of what services you’ll receive from Movers Choice Van Lines.


Movers are sent to moving boot-camp every year to maintain their packing and wrapping integrity. Consider nothing but the best movers when letting someone move your belongings.


When arriving at your home for pickup, our movers will Dis-Assemble any furniture items that need to be disassembled for safe transit. Upon delivery, any furniture items that were disassembled
at pickup, will be reassembled in your new home in the rooms of your choice. These services are standard and are included in our base


The very beginning and end of any month are usually the busiest times because newly signed leases typically go into effect around the first of the month. Movers Choice Van Lines is prepared for these busier times. We will never be understaffed for any job
including large moves on the busiest days.


We have a nationwide network of movers, trucks and freight working throughout the US at all times.
Delivery spreads will be disclosed at the time of reservation and we honor our delivery dates.

Tips and Advice


I get asked Please review the list below to learn how you can save money for your upcoming move.

Top 10 Ways to Save Money When Hiring Movers

1. Reduce
Get rid of stuff you don’t need. Hold a garage sale, leave books with friends, the local library or sell them to a used bookstore.
Anything you can’t sell, give to a local charity. It might be a tax write off for you. Weight and volume equals’ money. The less weight and less volume, the less money. It’s that simple.

2. Move during the off-season. Choosing the best time to move can save you money.Off-season is usually anything but summer and any time either than the first and last of the month. If you have the flexibility, talk to your moving consultant and see if they can give you a deal

3. Book movers early. The sooner you book your move, the less likely you are to be charged a higher rate.If you’re moving last minute and have to book movers within a couple of weeks of moving, chances are they may charge you more money simply for the inconvenience of slotting in your move. This isn’t always the case, but my golden rule is always book early if you can.

4. Be flexible with regards to Pick-Up and Delivery dates and times. Ask your movers if they’ll give you a price break in exchange for you working within their time frame. To help you decide your moving time frame,it’s a good idea to determine your move in and move out date – essential information to know before you book your move.

5. Understand your estimate. Moving companies offer varying services and will charge for each service.Ask about possible charges that could arise during your move and the fees attached to these services.Services may include accessory charges, expedited service charge, flight charge, long-haul charges,long carry charges and shuttle service.They can usually all be avoided or at least calculated into the cost if you plan in advance.There should never be any,or very little, surprise in the total cost of your move.

Note: If your consultant does not disclose the logistics involved in the moving process you should not reserve with that company. It’s that simple, there are many reviews of consumers on-line reporting their move cost increased several hundred or thousands of dollars by misleading companies. If you do not have the money they ask for, your shipment will not be unloaded so do research or avoid headaches by hiring Movers Choice Van Lines for your move.

6. Be ready. Make sure that you’re ready to receive your shipment within the time frame discussed with the moving company you have selected. It is also important you have payment ready for when the truck arrives. Failure to comply with either of these could result in storage-in-transit fee if your things have to be stored until they can be unloaded after the move has been paid in full.

** We provide 30 days of Free Storage if you require more time after pick-up. Contact a Movers Choice Van Lines Relocation Agent today to discuss this option. **

7. Inquire about Large Items. Ask about moving larger items or specialty items. Snowmobiles, boats, cars and other recreational vehicles will cost extra to move.

8. Moving pianos. Ask the mover how much they charge and if they are able to move a piano.After you have a quote, call around and find other options. Specialty movers may actually be less expensive than if your moving company hired additional staff. Most moving companies don’t keep specialty movers on the payroll. Movers Choice Van Line scharges $450.00 to move a Baby Grand Piano or $250.00 to move an upright piano’s. Prices are subject to change.

9. Appliances sometimes require special packing and handling to ensure they arrive as they left – in working order. Your moving company may charge extra for this service. Ask first. If they do charge, find out if a neighbor or friend could help you out.

10. Make sure you’re ready to move. Moving companies may charge extra if they have to help pack last minute items. Pack it yourself and have everything ready to go. If you have furniture that needs to be disassembled, ask the moving company when they provide the estimate if this service is included. Sometimes it is and other times it shows up on your bill as an extra fee. *Movers Choice Van Lines provides Full Service Packing options at an additional cost. Standard Dis-assembly and Assembly of items is included in our base price.

Movers Choice Van Lines has a Meet or Beat Policy in place. What that means for you is that we will Meet or Beat any competitors pricing for your upcoming move. Contact me today for more information.


Do not pack your moving documents in a box, please keep them with you;
The items below will not be allowed to be transported with your household good:
Hazardous items such as ammunition, gasoline, paints, pesticides, aerosol cans etc;
Perishable (including open dried food products), live plants, flowers, animals etc;
Refrigerators must be defrosted and emptied out by customer prior to loading;
All appliances must be disconnected by the customer prior to loading, including refrigerators, washing machine,dryers, freezers, hot tubs, wall mounted TV’s;
Any outdoor furniture must be clean and free of any infestation;
For sanitary purposes, all mattress’s and box springs must be packed in plastic mattress covers in order to transport;
Unless packing services are specified in the Packing Material List of this agreement, to avoid any additional packing charges please have all books, clothes in closets, clothes in drawers, dishes, mirrors, glass inserts, glass top tables, marble top tables, pictures, table lamps, items in desk drawers, TV’s and electronics all packed in a cardboard box
and ready to transport;
We recommend not packing important documents such as personal financial information, car keys,insurance policies,cash, prescription medicine, license, birth certificates, jewelry of extraordinary value, etc;
Do not forget that Cash or Postal Money Order is required at pickup and delivery for all moves. To avoid delays please make sure to check if your bank has a branch near your final destination.
Moving is only complicated if you’re not prepared for your move. Contact Movers Choice Van Lines for your Free Quote today.
We’ll show you how to make moving easy!


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